Food styling and videos for social media

I have done plenty of shoots during this pandemic, so I know how much work and worry it can be making content with Covid-19 hanging over everyone’s head. PPE and protocols start to overshadow the actual reason for being there… the creative process. That is why Kari Svenneby of and I are offering a way to create high quality food content in a way that eliminates client concerns of Covid-19 transmission.

In our household we have a Director of Photography and Food Stylist duo and we offer packages for short food videos and still photography for your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and website. Zero Covid testing and no need for PPE or Covid-19 cleaning stations keep your costs and risk down. We are the only two people on our sets (we happen to live together) and if we need some choices in hand models, we bring in our two daughters.  

You are able to produce content regardless if you are at home, your cottage or anywhere with an internet connection by doing production using remote screening. 

Our set is a fully equipped white and bright kitchen in a Scandinavia style with other surfaces that can be arranged. Kari Svenneby, our certified European Chef de Cuisine and food stylist will use her food skills combined with her storytelling experience to create food content with her partner, Russell Gienapp, a world class Director of Photography. 

Kari has done projects for international and local brands that have translated into successful views and engagement on facebook and instagram. She is also a published writer with her own following on social media. 

Russell is a Director of Photography and Director with over 20 years experience and has shot food shows for broadcast, commercials and produced digital videos for brands. 

Services we offer:
• Short form recipe videos for instagram, facebook and youtube. Includes editing, music sourcing and digital delivery of files. Additional charges for graphics. 

• Still photography 

• Recipe development and writing 

• Hand modeling 

• Remote Monitoring 

Hand modeling

Professional female chef hands great for showcasing knife skills. Confident & skilled: vegetables, butchering, fish. 

Millennial and Gen Z young female adult with nice smooth hands. She is our main hand model 

Our kid model. Lovely and fun hands make the scene shine. 

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