It isn’t all doc

Many who read my little blog knows that I talk a lot about documentary filmmaking and more specifically, verite shooting. Being in the moment, with a story that the subjects let me bear witness to their life; something that feeds my storytelling soul. However, too much of one diet sometimes leaves my photographic muscles wanting for a bit more control.


I also enjoy doing other types of photography between documentary projects. I also enjoy tabletop photography and find it the ultimate of control. A totally different experience than doc when you look at a “house of cards” set surrounded by 4′ x 4 white bounces, 5 strips of cut black foamcore on various grip arms and Aclamps and 2 mirrors that looks like it all could tumble down if you as much as breath on it. Perhaps that is just my sets.

For the past year or so I have been doing shoots involving food with Kari Svenneby, a very talented food stylist in Toronto.

This type of shooting is the antithesis of my documentary work, but I find it no less gratifying. Perhaps it tickles a different part of my artistic self, but it is still telling a story.

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